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Caring for the hair never goes out of season. Of course, most women are on top of their personal care and hair game, constantly reminding themselves this universal truth: Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. However, the scalp is often an overlooked zone, resulting it to be a prime spot for build-up. 

From styling products, natural oils to sweat, these sources of build-up can block the follicle and lead to dull, flat hair and breakage. You may also have damaged the hair when you are trying different hair care products, styles, and colours. The extreme weathers can dry the hair out, and make it more vulnerable to breakage and split ends. A solution advocated by many experts is the scalp detox.

Detoxing the scalp is pretty much like cleansing the body, only it’s not an internal cleanse. When you do a deep cleanse, you detox the hair and scalp. In other words, you are removing all the build-up, dead skin cells and oils from the roots and hair.

A deep clean should be done periodically — but not daily or you will end up with scalp irritation. If you apply styling products regularly or have oily hair, you should try a weekly detox. If your hair is prone to dryness, do it every two weeks. For textured hair, you might need to detox only once every few months. Let us share with you how a deep cleanse will benefit the scalp.

1. Stimulate hair follicles

Exposure to toxic chemicals found in hair products can damage and even close hair follicles. As such, the hair growing out of these follicles may be fickle and dry, as well as break easily. Sometimes, the hair follicle may no longer produce hair, which leads to thinning hair and bald spots. If you detox your scalp, these damaged and closed hair follicles get stimulated. This can help new hair to begin growing, fill out bald spots and increase hair thickness and volume.

2. Boost hair growth

A clogged and unhealthy scalp can considerably slow down hair growth. By detoxing the scalp, you can reach deep within the pores and cleanse them, while getting rid of impurities and dirt that may slow down hair growth at the same time. Scalp detoxing can help get rid of build-up from shampoo and other products so as to refresh, rejuvenate and stimulate your scalp to boost hair growth.

3. Remove toxins

Toxins have so many invisible side effects that can show up years after exposure and may even show up on other areas of your body instead, such as joint pain, fatigue and insomnia. Detoxing your scalp is a great way to remove toxins from your body, contributing to your overall health.

4. Treat dandruff, acne and scabbing

Dandruff is very common these days. Acne and scabbing on the scalp is also a big sign that you need a scalp detox. These conditions all contribute to hair loss. In this case, all you need is a good scalp detox to get rid of the root cause of dandruff, acne and scabbing so that you can have a clean, fresh and healthy scalp.

5. Boost the immune system

A weak immune system will mean that your body cannot fight off foreign invaders and you will be subjected to frequent colds, coughs and other diseases. This can affect your productivity and cause you to miss school or work. Cleansing your scalp can help you reduce the burden on your immune system and make it stronger.

Whether your scalp is oily, dry or normal, it will benefit from an occasional deep cleansing treatment. You can think of it like an exfoliating facial. The typical shampoo may be able to clean your hair sufficiently but there is always that stubborn bit of dead skin or hair products that clog your pores which can take some effort to clean off. It is therefore helpful to get a professional to clear up all the gunk from your scalp once in a while!


7 Key Steps:


1. Deep Cleansing: A Deep Cleansing Lotion is applied to remove excess sebum and dead skin cells that clog the hair pores.

2. Customised Herbal Scalp Wash: A customised herbal shampoo is used to suit individual’s scalp condition in this process.

3. Relaxing Massage: A relaxing massage to improve the blood circulation at the scalp area.

4. Customised Herbal Scalp Treatment: The above steps has prepared the scalp to fully absorb the herbal scalp concoction that is customised to treat the specific scalp problems.

5. O3 Therapy: This step neutralizes free radicals, hence hair follicle cells are less prone to damage. Improves absorption of nutrients provided in the Customised Herbal Scalp Treatment.

6. Customised Herbal Scalp Tonic: A herbal tonic that is suitable for the scalp conditions is applied, providing the scalp with more essential nutrients. This is followed by a massage for better absorption and blood circulation.

7. Blow Dry Styling: The hair is carefully blown-dry and styled.


Julie Yip

"I used to have healthy hair but since a few years ago, I started experiencing hair loss problems. My confidence went down as my friends were commenting on my hair loss condition. After a friend’s recommendation, I decided to give Jean Yip’s Oriental Hair Solutions treatment a try. I was satisfied with the results and still keep up with the customised treatments weekly. I’ve recommended Oriental Hair Solutions to my friends and I’m convinced that Oriental Hair Solutions will be able to help them too!"

Serene Lee

"I was experiencing hair loss problems with oily scalp for about a year. My hair conditions affected my overall appearance and I was bothered by how my face looks bigger with flat and oily hair. After receiving a call from Oriental Hair Solutions to redeem a complimentary treatment, I decided to give it a try. After just a few sessions, I was delighted as there was a visible improvement in my hair condition! After cleansing and oil control scalp treatments as a start, I continued with the herbal scalp hair growth treatments as my clogged hair follicles were deeply cleansed. My confidence was boosted after compliments from my friends! Thank you, Oriental Hair Solutions!"

Veghell Leo Acuna

"My scalp was oily and my hair was thinning. I was worried that I might lose all my hair in no time, till I found Oriental Hair Solutions. After my first session of Ginseng Ampoule Treatment, I could see that my clogged hair follicles were deeply cleaned. And after my 10th session with Oriental Hair Solutions, there was a great visible improvement in my hair condition! I am very satisfied with the results to have a healthier scalp now!"

Renee Ang

"Every time I combed my hair, I would notice a large amount of hair stuck in the bristles of my comb. The friendly consultants at Oriental Hair Solutions shared with that due to constant hair colour of my gray hairs, it was primary reason of my hair loss. Not only did the colouring caused hair loss, the artificial chemicals had caused my scalp to turn dry, resulting in fungal growth. Oriental Hair Solutions used their natural blend of hair colour to cover my grey hairs, followed by scalp treatments to curb my hair problems. Thank you Oriental Hair Solutions!"

*Results from treatments can vary



Oriental Hair Solutions uses an exclusive range of top notch Scalp and Hair Wellness products that is manufactured locally by Herb De Orient, a Singapore homegrown brand. Sharing the same belief ("The Natural Solutions with Oriental Wisdom") with Oriental Hair Solutions, Herb De Orient's goal is to provide a natural, safe and highly effective hair and scalp care range of products that enhances one’s lifestyle using state-of-the-art technology and advanced extraction techniques from the west.

Herb De Orient carefully selected more than 100 botanical herbs to be used in the hair and scalp care range of products. All herbs used go through stringent quality checks as well as strict safety specifications control. Each and every herb are scrutinized for mercury, lead, pesticides content and microorganism counts. Every single batch of herbs are certified by our chemists before they are used in all the Herb De Orient product ranges.

Each individual herb is are tested and studied very carefully to identify for any possibility of overdose, herbs contradictions, herbs synergies, herbs neutralization and for herbs that cause allergies as well as for prolonged use toxicity. Thus, we are confident to say that the suitability and safety of all products have been tested and certified safe.


Angelica Sinensis 当归

This precious herb is used for many causes, and one of its many uses is to prevent hair loss. Angelica sinensis contains phytoestrogens which inhibit the formation of DHT, a major cause of hair loss. Therefore angelica sinensis is very effective in reducing hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth.

Dandelion 蒲公英

Highly anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, Dandelion could effectively treat fungal infection on scalp area and hair loss caused by infection.

Ginger 姜

The spicy components in ginger cause vessel around the scalp to dilate which thus promoting the local circulation via “counterirritant” action.

Ginseng 人参

The most effective herbs for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth in as it contains all the necessary nutrients such as zinc, minerals, vitamin B and Ginsenosides which effectively encourage hair growth.

Ligustrum Lucidum 女贞子

A great herb for regenerating a youthful sheen to the hair. Ligustrum Lucidum is also effective in the stimulation and promotion of blood circulation in the scalp and is often used to combat dandruff and oily scalp problem.

Morus Alba Mulberry 桑葚

Morus Alba Mulberry contains properties that promotes hair growth and it is especially good for cancer patients who underwent chemotherapy has it effectively rejuvenates hair follicles. It also enhance production of melanin which helps to retain your natural hair colour and prevent premature greying of hair.

Polygonum Multiflorum 何首乌

Polygonum Multiflorum raises the level of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) that breaks down and clears out excessive hydrogen peroxide which cause hair colour to lighten. It also normalise production of sebum oil on scalp and has great effect in alleviating dandruff problem.

Salvia Miltiorrhiza 丹参

It was proven that Salvia could effectively promotes hair growth and microcirculation in the skin thereby alleviating hair loss conditions like alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, and alopecia universalis.


Step 1. Analysis

Upon completion of the Hair Questionnaire and detailed analysis of your scalp with our Analysis Scanner, our well-trained professional consultants will formulate your Treatment Programme according to our evaluation of your particular problems, taking into consideration of your health, scalp conditions, stress level, hormonal factors, and hereditary traits. We will then educate you on the best approach to a successful Treatment Programme.

Step 2. Treatment 

Once you have your individualised recommended Treatment Programme, your consultant will personally prescribe the concoctions and treatment protocol most suitable for your conditions during each visit.

Step 3. Follow-Up

Monitoring and adjustments of Treatment Programme. Each case is unique, hence different people react differently to our Treatment Programme. Your scalp will be scanned periodically and your consultant will closely monitor and review your progress, modifying the treatment protocol if necessary so that you will be able to maximize its benefits.


Oriental Hair Solutions was created to help people with hair and scalp problems caused by a stressful lifestyle, environmental damages, genetic problems and harsh chemicals used in various hairdressing techniques. At Oriental Hair Solutions, we believe in "The Natural Solutions with Oriental Wisdom." In our treatments, more than 100 Natural Oriental Plant Herbs like Ginseng, Polygonum Multiflorum, Gentian are used, and are specifically concocted to cater to the needs of different individuals.

We offer natural, safe and highly effective hair and scalp solution with state-of-the-art technology and equipment and top of the range products to enhance effectiveness. Through thorough scalp and hair root analysis by our professional consultants, we are able to diagnose the cause of problems for every individuals and personally monitor the treatment progress.

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Oriental Hair Solutions:

  • Advance Oriental Herb Extraction Technology
  • No Unpleasant Smell
  • State-Of-The-Art Equipment
  • Effective & Visible Results

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